Due to COVID-19, NWIRHA has put into place 14 waivers to assist our tenant.  These waivers will expire on December 31,2021.  Here is a list of the waivers that we have put into place, for more details contact the housing authority:

  1. PH and HCV-3 Family Income and Composition: Annual Examination; Income Verification Requirements PIH Notice 2018-18
  2. PH and HCV-4 Family Income and Composition: Interim Examinations PIH Notice 2018-18
  3. PH and HCV-7 Waiting List: Opening and Closing; Public Notice PIH Notice 2012-34
  4. HQS-1 Initial Inspection Requirements
  5. HQS-2 Pre-HAP Contract Inspections: PHA Acceptance of Completed Units
  6. HQS-3 Initial Inspection: Non-Life-Threatening Deficiencies (NLT) Option
  7. HQS-6 HQS Interim Inspections
  8. HQS-9 HQS Quality Control Inspections
  9. HQS-10 Housing Quality Standards-Space and Security
  10. HCV-1 Administrative Plan
  11. HCV-2 Information When Family is Selected PHA Oral Briefing
  12. HCV-3 Term of Voucher: Extensions of Term
  13. HCV-5 Absence from Unit
  14. HCV-6 Automatic termination of HAP contract
  15. PH and HCV-8 Eligibility Determination: Income Verification
  16. PH and HCV-9 Eligibility Determination: Social Security Number and Citizenship Verification
  17. 11a, 11b, and 11b2 PHAs Regulatory Authority 24CFR Part 982 retaining prior years SEMAP scores
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